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Raw Milk vs. Pasteurized Milk

Pasteurization destroys beneficial bacteria found in raw milk. It kills the natural enzymes and destroys the chemical make-up of calcium in raw milk. Calcium is vital to the growth and health of children. Pasteurization has been

implicated in everything from allergies to heart disease to cancer. Truly, the resulting product after pasteurization is not raw and living, but rather “killed and dead.”


Raw Milk:



Should Pasture Fed Cows Be Fed Grain?

There is a big difference between feeding grain to dairy cows and “grain-fed” dairy cows. The latter have a very large portion of their ration as grain. They produce a lot of milk but their lifespan is greatly shortened and the quality of the milk is not good. Cows getting good pasture and high-quality hay can get a small amount of grain. The grain is a form of starch that is necessary to nourish rumen bugs, which in turn digest the forage that the cow turns into body mass, milk and energy.

Can You Freeze Raw Milk?

Yes, raw milk can be frozen. It should be thawed slowly in the refrigerator. If it is thawed on the counter top the cream will clump.

How Long Does Raw Milk Last in The Fridge?

Raw Milk is better stored in glass containers. It will last approximately 7-10 days in the fridge if kept cold.

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