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 Grass-fed beef has a richer flavor than grain-fed beef, and has a very different fatty acid profile than its grain-fed counterparts. The difference in taste is very notable.  The pastured beef is light on the stomach and doesn’t leave you with that rock-in-your-gut feeling after eating it. Since a grass-fed animal has to walk around and forage for its meal, the meat can sometimes be slightly less tender than what most people are used to eating. A grass-fed animal will cover acres upon acres during his daily travels.  Grass fed beef can be fed small amounts of Non GMO grain mixture to tenderize the meat.


Grass finishing compared to grain finishing


When considering the definition of grass fed beef, most beef animals have probably eaten grass at some point in their lives, but the important thing is that they are “finished”, or fattened on grass, rather than grain, for the 90 – 160 days before slaughter. During those few months of grain finishing the levels of important nutrients like CLA and Omega 3 decrease dramatically in the beef animal’s tissues. It is in the finishing process that those levels and ratios drastically decline because of the grain feeding, and that is why it’s so important to make sure that the beef you eat is not only grass fed, but grass finished and pastuered throughout their life.




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Ground Beef $8/lb


Chuck Roast $10/lb 


Rump Roast $10/lb 


Arm Roast


Beef Sirloin Tip Roast $12/lb 


Beef Round Roast $10/lb 


Beef Stew Meat $8/lb 


Beef Sirloin Steak $13.50/lb


New York Strip $20/lb


Rib Eye  $18/lb


T-Bone Steak $17/lb 


Beef Rib Steak $13/lb


Beef Round Steak $12/lb


Porterhouse Steak $18/lb 


Skirt Steak $13/lb


Beef Flank Steak $12/lb 


Beef Brisket $7.50/lb 


Beef Short Ribs $7.50/lb 


Beef Liver $10/lb 


Beef Heart $10/lb 


Beef Tongue $10/lb 


Beef Soup Bones $6 /lb 


Marrow "dog bones" $3/lb 


Ox Tail


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Pastured Eggs

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