Grassland Guernsey of AZ




We started our small family dairy in Prescott Valley, Arizona about a year and half ago.  We currently are milking four guernseys.  Being successful with our raw dairy distribution in Illinois, we decided to branch out to AZ.  Our cows graze on 10 plus acres.  During monsoon season, grass is plentiful!  We also supplement their diet with alfalfa hay and barley during milking time.  The soil is rich in minerals that the cows get while eating the grass!  Our A2 Guernsey milk is sweet and creamy; makes great ice cream, butter, yogurt and kefir.

 We have several locations that we drop off our wonderful Guernsey milk, yogurt and cream:  Flagstaff, Sedona, Rock Springs, Phoenix area, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Peoria.  Please Call/text for more detailed information about our days and times of drop off.  608-449-5491 or email me at

Pick up Locations/Hours


23w554 Trails End Rd.

Carol Stream, IL 60188





23385 W. Old Barrington Rd.

Barrington, IL


Saturday only







Contact Details



608-449-5491 cell



What's Fresh?

Fresh (Raw) Milk

$12 gallon

$6 half gallon



$6 quart


Pastured Eggs

$6 dozen


Raw Honey





Grass Fed Beef:  Please look for

Price list on Beef page


Naturally Raised Pork and Chicken