Our farm is located in Chatsworth, IL!   When we bought the farm we bought the cows also; so now we have a mix of our Guernsey cows and an array of beautiful mixed breeds, such as Normande, Milking Shorthorns, Ayrshire, Jersey, Holstein mix breeds and Montbeliard.  So now we are Golden Guernsey (and more!)!  


The farm has 40 acres of grazing and hay crop (for the winter months).  For the first time we are using rotational grazing for the dairy cows.  We strategically move the grazers every 2-3 days so that each pasture has a chance to rejuvenate its vegetation.


The advantages of rotational grazing advantages are:

  • Limited soil compaction which encourages root growth and reduces leaching of fertilizers;
  • Reduced soil erosion due to the presence of continuous ground cover throughout the year;
  • Reduced weeds from ample resting periods;
  • Longer grazing season because of shorter forage recovery periods when rotating paddocks;
  • Improved animal productivity;
  • More efficient use of forage compared to continuous grazing; and
  • Improved nutrient distribution (manure) since livestock have fixed schedules, each rotation covering a limited area in each paddock.
  • Limited soil compaction which encourages root growth and reduces leaching of fertilizers;


 If you are looking for the very best tasting A2 fresh milk then you may be interested in our milk!   Our pasture grazing dairy cows are treated with tender love and care, receiving a well balanced organically Non-GMO grown diet.



So come on out and give our fresh milk a try! 




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32796 E. 750 North Rd.

Chatsworh, IL 60921

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Golden Guernsey of Illinois


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What's Fresh?

Fresh Guernsey Milk

$12 gallon

$6 half gallon



$6 quart


Pastured Eggs

$6 dozen


Raw Honey

Clover and Wildflower $12 lb.

Buckwheat  $12 lb.


Grass Fed Beef:  Please look for

Price list on Beef page




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